A Year of Ministry, Adventure and Growth

The Exodus Internship Programme is a fulltime, one year, placement for graduates or school leavers. 

The progamme starts with a 2 day residential on 29th and 30th August in Coleraine

It is a great way to explore and develop gifts, see what it takes to organise events, care for volunteers and discover more about Disciple Making Youth Ministry in local regions across Ireland and abroad. 


What Would I Experience?


  • clear ministry role alongside a staff line manager and within one of our centres or departments.
  • A wider variety of leadership, service and youth ministry opportunities including being part of an Exodus team.
  • A training course on disciple making youth ministry with a range of other interns.
  • Support from a trained and experienced mentor.
  • Monthy Exodus intern development days (ICE Days). 
  • Monthy Exodus Intern and other Interns from across Ireland development days (Together Days).
  • A chance to be involved in an Exodus team which travel abroad.
  • A chance to participate and lead a service project with the other Exodus Interns in our Easter Adventure by putting into practical service a year of training together in Romania.    


What Opportunities are Available?

We have different positions suitable for Christians with many gifts and personalities. Follow the links to get an idea of the specific roles and get in touch to talk about the opportunities for ministry and how they might shape the role to suit your gifts.  

South Hub

  • South Down and Louth; Half time based in Lisburn, half time based in Newcastle.
  • Antrim, Ards, Armagh; Half time based in Lisburn, Half time based in Carrick.

City Hub

  • Lisburn Intern
  • Belfast Intern

Operations Hub

  • Communications & admin; based in Lisburn  

North Hub

  • North West Centre; based in Derry
  • North East Centre; based in Coleraine


How do I Join?

To be eligible for your first choice placement applications must be received before 5pm on 21th August 2018. 

Interviews are then held with the aim of all applicants being contacted about the outcome as soon as possible.


What is Expected of an Intern?

Interns have the potential to have a huge influence with the young people who are involved with Exodus. Those applying should be:

  • Passionately pursuing a growing relationship with Jesus
  • Enthusiastic about the vision of discipleship among young people
  • Keen to learn and develop skills and abilities
  • Organised, motivated and hard working
  • Committed to the values of Exodus, namely:
  • Abstaining from tobacco, alcohol and narcotic substances
  • Actively encouraging young people to make wise lifestyle and entertainment choices
  • Promoting the Biblical view that sexual intimacy is only to be expressed within marriage between a man and a woman.
  • Teachable, being willing to submit to flexibility as line managers see fit. 
  • Humility as exemplified through Christ and willing team players to all the wider exodus staff, volunteers and associates. 


How much does it Cost?

Interns are asked to contribute £250 to this year of investment in their lives, this can either be paid or fundraised with support from your church. This is required before the start of the internship in August.


What does an Intern Receive?

Interns receive all materials that relate to the programme and Exodus also pay the first £450 of a team personal contribution (enough to cover European destinations).

As a full time voluntary worker, you will be entitled to claim out of pocket expenses of up to £150 per month for commuting and meals consumed during your work. Exodus do not provide interns with lodging or meals outside of working hours

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