Leave a Legacy Gifts and Refunds

Information and form to help us direct your personal contribution

Every Leave a Legacy team member is eligible for a full refund, however, COVID19 has had a significant financial impact on Exodus and so we are asking all team members or their parents to leave some or all of your personal contribution refund with Exodus as a gift to help us mitigate some of this loss.



Please respond by the 28th May to tell us how you would like to direct your personal contribution


Further Information

  1. Why has Exodus lost money on teams?
    As teams are being established and applicants accepted we start to spend money on all sorts of things team members need for the preparation before the summer and the time away (flights, insurance ATOL, training, videos, journals, t-shirts etc). The total we have spent is £83,000 and the majority of this cannot be recovered.

  2. Why do you not know exactly how much you will lose?
    We have said we will lose between £45,000 and £70,000 (£80-£130 per team member). The uncertainty is to do with flights. If flights remain cancelled we will be elligible for refunds but if flights are reinstated we will lose more.

  3. What is 'force majeure'?
    Force majeure is a contract clause that frees parties from liability if there is an 'extaordinary event'  

    Our Booking Conditions say:

    We are unable to make any payment if changes are made as a result of force majeure. This includes but is not limited to acts of God, acts of threat of war; government action, strike, civil unrest, fire, failure of public utilities, medical emergency, natural, including weather threat or disaster, nuclear threat or disaster, terrorist threat or action, or airport closure. Force majeure also includes any recommendation by the foreign & commonwealth office travel advice unit. 

    The Exodus board and leadership have agreed not to apply this clause and so make a full refund available to all team members.

  4. What about Gift Aid?
    The great news is, any money left with Exodus will be a donation, and so we will be able to claim back the Gift Aid. We are hoping that this will will also help make a real difference. A Gift Aid declaration is included in the gifts and refunds form.

  5. I heard Exodus had furloughed staff - has that not saved money?
    Unfortunately the losses for teams are not the only financial inpact of COVID19 on Exodus. In total we think that, if we hadn't taken any action, the impact would have been as much as £200,000. The furlough scheme and reducing other spending has helped but we are still in a very challenging situation.

  6. Why do you have a deadline for the form?
    We asked that the Gifts and Refund form be completed by the 28th May. We are keen to be able to return any money quickly. It will also help us to be able to process the requests together and to get a better sense of our own financial picture as early as possible. We will still aim to process all requests submitted after this but they will take longer.

  7. How long will a refund take?
    As the deadline of the 28th May has now passed and due to staff furloughing, refunds will now take 4-6 weeks to complete.