Challenged and Changed!

The Romania Effect

During my fantastic time in Romania I felt it challenged me and changed me for the better, but even before my team left Northern Ireland it impacted my life. The first meeting I felt challenged me because I had to interact and speak with people I didn't know and I would normally find that hard. I think as a team we grew very close and worked well together.

Going and staying with a Romania family would probably be seen as a challenge but I didn't see it that way I just saw it as something was going to do and remember for a long time. I really enjoyed and felt comfortable living with the family. The first morning I did find it a bit scary and wondered how I had managed to get myself into that situation but I defiantly don't regret it.

I would say it has prepared me for the future and or at least for things such as the French exchange I am going on in a couple of months.

Communicating with the Romanian children was difficult but it was also fun. I had to think of other ways apart from talking to communicate with them I found this hard at the beginning and stood in the background as others explained, but as time went on I got more confident and really enjoyed playing and demonstrating with the children. I have always enjoyed helping with children and I think my time in Romania has really enforced this.

I am now hoping to help with a children's bible club in Belfast and use what I learnt in Romania there. Spending two nights in a Romania forest was a big challenge especially at night when there was no light. It was fun living there with few material goods. It really made me appreciate everything I have. It was really amazing to spend time away like that and to realise how lucky you are. It was great to see nature as God created it and not how it has been shaped by man. It has made me see how where we live so special as it has been created by God something I hadn't really thought about in much detail.

During the weeks of team meetings before Romania I decided to give my life to God and become a Christian. That has made a great impact on my life and now I just want to continue to learn more about God and help other people. I would definately recommend going on an Exodus trip.

It will be something that will have a great impact on your life and you will remember it for a long time if not forever...

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