Teams - Fundraising

Advice for Leaders

Team Fundraising

This year assuming we can have our full summer of ministry, our goal for teams will be to raise £100 per person, giving most teams a total target of £600-£800.

In May, once we have a clear plan for the summer, we will confirm each team's target and give leaders more support towards fundraising. 

Team Leaders should communicate this expectation to team members and use the fundraising activities in course manuals to help plan ideas for when we are able to fundraise. These can consider fundraising online or in social distanced settings. 

Collecting Fundraising

To collect fundraising money each team will create one page under the Step Out Teams appeal on the Exodus Total Giving site.  This can be done at but watch "Raising Money Online" below to show you how to complete it.

Cash or cheques should be recorded using the Team Leader App as shown below.