Boldly Following Jesus Together

Exodus exists to see generations of young people boldly following Jesus and becoming lifelong disciple makers

Our Vision

Jesus set out to offer hope to the whole world. And so He brought a few people close to him, inspired them to become life long followers and equipped them to disciple many, many more.

We dream of an army of passionate followers, present in the lives of young people and demonstrating the daily adventure that God calls us to in Christ.


The Story

Exodus was first established in 1997 by Norman & Lynda Lynas and Jim Brown who, seeing the needs of young people around them, were inspired by the example of Moses who led the people on a journey out of Egypt, through the wilderness and into the promised land. 

Setting out to “encourage and equip generations of young people (15-25) to become life-long followers of Jesus Christ” they launched a new “Christian Nightbase” in Portstewart with weekly Saturday Night alternative parties and our first small group mission team.


The Model

Jesus demonstrated that disciples are made up close and so in Exodus, deep missional relationships are at the core of all we do.

When He called the first disciples He was inviting them on a Journey of transformation with a radical end in mind.

Leaving their nets was only the beginning. In the years that followed he would teach them and send them out; leaving them equipped to extend His Kingdom across the world.

Jesus' example gives a model of the four stage journey: Ex-plore, Ex-change, Ex-press, Ex-tend. This shapes all of our ministry and serves young people at every stage of the adventure.


Our Ethos

The mission of the church to "...go and make disciples..." demands that the people of God live holy, distinctive lives. This is not an easy calling and contemporary culture poses major challenges for discipleship. For this reason Exodus takes a clear line on a number of difficult issues:

  1. We affirm abstinence from alcohol as a positive lifestyle choice.

  2. We believe that poor choices in entertainment, television viewing and internet use offend a holy God and have a negative impact our Christian growth, our families and communities.  We encourage young people to make positive entertainment choices and ask staff, leaders and Ex-press and Ex-tend team members to choose carefully the venues they visit for entertainment and to avoid places that would conflict with the ethos of Exodus or have a negative impact on those they disciple.

  3. We are committed to a Biblical view on sexuality, namely that sexual intimacy is only to be expressed within marriage and between a man and a woman and expect all staff, leaders and Ex-press and Ex-tend team members to support this position.


Statement of Faith

As a member of the Evangelical Alliance we subscribe to their statement of faith but have summarised our convictions below:

From God's Word, the Bible, we believe that everyone is created in God's image yet needs the life, death and resurrection of Jesus to bring freedom from sin and the fullness of a Spirit-filled life - worshipping and ministering in anticipation of Christ's return.


Our Team

We thank God for our wonderful group of staff, interns, associates and volunteers.