We believe that every individual is made in the image of God and is of unique and significant value; worthy of the highest standards of care.

As staff and volunteers, it is both our delight and our duty to create a safe and enjoyable environment for all children and young people we serve. 

Therefore, we are committed to practice that promotes their welfare & wellbeing, and protects them from harm.

Our Safeguarding Policy

We endeavour to do this by:

  1. Adopting and maintaining a Safeguarding Policy as set out in our Serving Young People Well document.

  1. Promoting excellence in safeguarding practice and environments.

  1. Recruiting well.

  1. Providing appropriate training.

  1. Providing effective oversight and support to deliver on expectations.

  1. Giving clear procedures for recognising and dealing with concerns.

Our Designated Safeguarding Team

Safeguarding concerns should be communcated to the local designated officer without delay.

Our Designated Saferguarding Officers are:

  • Andrew Lamberton - Deputy Officer covering young people overseen by our North West and North East staff. - 028 7126 674
  • Helen McKay Deputy Officer covering young people overseen by our Lisburn & South Down staff. - 02892 661 220
  • Jo McCormick Deputy Officer covering young people overseen by our Belfast & Carrick staff. - 02892 661 220
  • Jose Cummings - Lead Officer - providing additional support and oversight - 02892 661 220

Leaders Safeguarding Guide

Safeguarding Poster

Safeguarding Concern/Incident Form

Accident/Incident Report Form

Safeguarding Policy