EXODUS DISCIPLES is for those aged 15-25 who want to be equipped to follow Jesus and live consistent, faith-filled lives, today.

Do you want to be equipped to follow Jesus?

Do you want your faith to make an impact in your school or university?

Do you want to join a community who are committed to following Jesus?

EXODUS DISCIPLES is for those aged 15-25 who want to be equipped to follow Jesus and live consistent, faith-filled lives, today. 

Across our 6 areas, local groups will gather to seek and serve Jesus together. Through monthly gatherings and regular events, DISCIPLES provides an opportunity for fun, connection and growth. Each local group will provide you with an opportunity to meet new people, go deeper into God's word and discover more of what it means to be a lifelong follower of Jesus.

What to expect?

DISCIPLES looks a little different in each region, but in each area you can expect:

  • Monthly Gatherings between September and April packed full of fun, connection, depth and discussion.
  • An invitation to join other weekly Exodus small groups, events and programmes.
  • The opportunity to have a mentor.
  • Early access to exciting news about Exodus Teams.
  • Exclusive access to EXODUS DISCIPLES merch.

CLICK HERE to learn more about EXODUS DISCIPLES in your local area.

What do I need to do?

  • Check out your local webpage and make sure you are available for at least 80% of the dates listed.
  • Sign up using the link below and pay £30 before the deadline on 23rd September at midnight.


Monthly Gatherings at your Local Centre

Running from September to Easter we will SEEK Jesus together; celebrating what God is doing and getting equipped for the journey ahead.

Where can I get involved?

  • North West (Derry Centre) - last Saturday of the Month
  • North East (Coleraine Centre) - 1st Monday of the Month
  • SouthDown (Banbridge) - 2nd Friday of the Month
  • Belfast - (St Andrews Pres) - 3rd Saturday of the Month
  • Lisburn - (Lisburn Centre) - Monthly Saturdays or Mondays (check with stream)
  • Carrick & Newtownabbey - (Location TBC) - 1st Saturday of the Month


Volunteering and Ministry Opportunities

Join one of our groups and SERVE Jesus together with your friends and have the opportunity to join with what God is doing in your area



Meeting with an older Christian to help you grow using the Walk With Me programme.

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