Access NI

Why Do I Need an ACCESSNI Check?

Individuals with a leadership role (inc staff, interns, mentors co-ordinators and leaders) will have unsupervised access to under 18's (regarded as Regulated Activity) and so we are required to carry out an AccessNI "police check".

What should I be aware of?

Following this process will complete an enhanced checks on the applicant and he/she should be aware that:

  • The Children's Barred List will be searched and Exodus will be informed if there are any convictions. (Exodus will not be issued with the details and it will be up to the individual if they want to share them at this stage)
  • It is against the law for employers to employ someone or allow them to volunteer for this kind of work if they know they’re on one of the barred lists. Equally, it is against the law for someone currently on the barred list to apply for positions requiring barred list checks. 
  • By completing a disclosure form for any position in Exodus you are agreeing to the above information (if any) being disclosed to Exodus, and appropriate action (if any) being taken thereafter. Please click here for our policy on recruiting offenders.

Please click here for more information on the Access NI Code of Practice


How do I complete an ACCESSNI application (Disclosure Form)?

  1. Go to the ACCESS NI WEBSITE 
  2. Take note of the information and IDs required to complete the form - Your National Insurance Number, Driving Licence & Passport (where applicable)
  3. Click on the Green box sayng "Apply for an enhanced check through a registered body" 
  4. Log in or Create an account.
  5. Use the folloing details:

Registered Body No. 8000011241         PIN No. 347355

We need to verify your ID

You need to bring the following to your nearest centre as soon as possible after you apply.

  • An ID validation form with your details and application reference copmpleted.
  • 3 forms of ID (the  form gives the options but its normally a passport, a driving licence and an official letter to your nearest centre.

Staff will take a copy of the documents and they your application will be processed. We will inform you if we require any further information.