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Covid Measures

15 February, 2022

Leaders, volunteers, hosts and staff are responsible for managing and reducing the risks presented by COVID-19.

In line with current regulations we do not require face coverings or social distancing at team meetings or events but expect leaders and the young people we serve to abide by the following:

  1. Symptoms are Serious

    • No-one with COVID-19 symptoms (high temperature (over 37.8oC), new or continuous cough or change of taste or smell) can participate an Exodus event or gathering.
    • If participants have cold symptoms they are should carry out a Lateral flow test before attending.
    • Any existing participant who starts showing symptoms must be shown to an isolation space and get a PCR test at their earliest convenience.
    • Some larger events may require attendees to carry out Lateral flow tests before attending.
    • Participants are asked to let an Exodus staff member know if they test positive following an event.

  2. Residential Requirements

    • A lateral flow test to be taken by all participants no more than 48 hours prior to joining the group.

  3. Team Travel

    • Due to the wide variety of regulations around the world, the rapidly changing situation and the potential disruption that a positive COVID-19 test for team member would create for the whole team and our partners, we will require all team members of international teams to be vaccinated.