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Covid Measures

1 October, 2021

Leaders, volunteers, hosts and staff are responsible for managing and reducing the risks presented by COVID-19.

We ask each of these and the young people we serve to abide by the following protocols:

  1. Symptoms are Serious

    • No-one with COVID-19 symptoms (high temperature (over 37.8oC), new or continuous cough or change of taste or smell) can participate an Exodus event or gathering.
    • All participants will be asked to confirm lack of symptoms before joining.
    • Any existing participant who starts showing symptoms must be shown to an isolation space and askec get a PCR test at their earliest convenience.

  2. Outside is Optimal

    • Activities will be organised outside or with ventilation as far as possible.

  3. Masks Matter

    • All participants must wear face coverings at all times indoors (unless medically exempt). The only exceptions are when they are:
      • Having food or a snack (limited to 10 mins)
      • In a toilet or washroom alone.

  4. Spray & Sanitise

    • All programme spaces should have good hand washing & sanitising facilities and surfaces and touch points should be wiped down.

  5. Care in Cars

    • Most activities will not require young people to be transported but if they do, everyone in a vehicle must wear masks and have windows open.
      • Drivers are responsible with young people to comply with this.

  6. Deliver on Distancing

    • Participants should maintain 1m social distancing when indoors
    • Activities should be planned to enable distancing and avoid unstructured times indoors that can often lead to loss of distancing

  7. Track and Trace

    • The name, contact details and COVID status of all participants should be registered and kept for 30 days.
    • Participants are asked to let an Exodus staff member know if they test positive following an event.

  8. Residential Requirements

    • A lateral flow test to be taken by all participants no more than 48 hours prior to joining the group.
    • Shared rooms or tents to be limited to people from 4 households and 1m social distancing maintained.

  9. Team Travel

    • Due to the wide variety of regulations around the world, the rapidly changing situation and the potential disruption that a positive COVID-19 test for team member would create for the whole team and our partners, we will require all team members of international teams to be vaccinated.