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Standing with our Ukrainian partners.

28 February, 2022

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A few days ago, Alin, a member of our team in Romania drove north towards Ukraine. Along with his family and a few friends, he filled his car with basic supplies and prepared to distribute them to those arriving in Romania. 

While news reports and social media streams tell us something of the scale of the situation, the photographs of Alin and his family gave us a personal perspective on the crisis. 

They reminded us of the tragedy of families, communities and churches being broken apart as they flee for safety. They brought into focus the reality that for many Ukrainian teenagers, the future is more uncertain than ever.

Exodus has staff in both Hungary and Romania, and partners across Latvia, Slovakia, Poland, Moldova and Ukraine. 

As the crisis unfolds, we think of our friends and partners in the region:

As a result, we are seeking to raise £10’000 towards key resources that will support our partners reaching people most impacted by the crisis.

  • Joseph, a pastor in Ukraine working with his youth group to support abandoned children who are living in a hospital with food, blankets, nappies and toys.
  • Sandor & Timi, a husband and wife team who are leading their church to provide food and accommodation for pastors and other believers fleeing the conflict.
  • Alin, our staff member who is providing basic supplies for those migrants crossing into Romania.


As they serve on the frontline, we are reminded of Christ’s call to love thy neighbour and are convinced that we must do more than watch on and wish them well. 

Please stand with us and support our Ukrainian partners.


Or if you have a stewardship account you can donate at this link