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STEP OUT 2022 - Meet Our Team Leaders - Christopher Allen and Hannah Stewart

26 July, 2022

Your name: Christopehr Allen and Hannah Stewart
Your team Number: 13
Where you are travelling to: Valdepeñas, Spain

Why are you leading an Exodus team this summer?
I’d like to think I’ve always had a servant heart for mission. Last year I was fortunate enough to be part of an Exodus ex-press team, serving in Ballysillan in Belfast. The course helped me through a very complicated and difficult time of my life. The meetings pushed and challenged my personal relationship with God to grow and mature. While the missions trip opened my eyes, as I realised how much work needs to be done right here in NI. It was genuinely life changing, and I would love nothing more than to lead others to have that same experience, or better!!

How will you be serving the local church/community whilst on team?
Our team are going to serve alongside a local church to partnership in their summer mission. Where we will have the opportunity to use our God given gifts/talents such as music, art and even drama to bring the gospel to people in various towns through plaza ministry. There hopefully also be ways to serve local communities, through clean ups and visits to the elderly.

What are you looking forward to the most

What is your biggest hope/dream for your team members
To see them STEP OUT. Both Chris and I have seen the bond and friendships that have been created to naturally on team. My hope would be that our members will continue to be missional, seek more of their relationship with Jesus and grow deeper in God’s word even after team is over.

How can we pray for you and your team?

The language barrier is always a daunting thing to think about. We are so grateful that God can speak through our actions and the way we treat people. However, it would be amazing to have some good conversations with the people of Valdepeñas, both young and old. Lastly, with an unexpected rise in covid cases and then as we brave the high 30 degree heat, safety is the word that continues to take over a lot of our prayers for team.