Teams - How Teams Work

Everything you need to know about Exodus Teams

Exodus teams are unforgettable small group adventures combining discovery, friendship and mission.

Teams are open to any young person in Year 11+/Junior Cert and begin in February with 16 weeks of team meetings, following a tailored small group course.

During the summer, each team will take part in a placement either here at home in Ireland or overseas, helping a community through practical work, kids clubs, sports, music and lots more!

Whether your goal is meeting new people, going deeper with God, or serving others, there is a team adventure waiting for you!

The Basics

Who Leads The Team? 

Exodus teams each have a leader and at least one co-worker. These are generally volunteers although some teams are led by full-time Exodus staff members.

Team Leaders & Co-workers are vetted and attend 3 training events covering issues around managing a team, fundraising, finance, child protection and good practice on placement.

Leaders receive direct support from the Exodus full-time staff and additional support from volunteers.

How Do Summer Placements Work? 

Exodus summer placements are adventurous opportunities for each team to serve.

Most of these projects will begin with a 2-3 day launch experience where teams join together for a short retreat full of fun, preparation and challenge.

Teams then travel to their project which will involve kids clubs, practical work and opportunities to serve others. Projects will also allow team members to meet new people, explore a new location and grow both personally and spiritually.


Joining a Team

How Do I Join a Team?

Team information is released on the 14th December via the Exodus website. We recommend trying to find your top 3 teams to make it as likely as possible to find a place.

  • Pick out the location(s) for team meetings that you can attend.
  • Choose the small group course which best suits you.
  • Check that the meeting night and project dates suit you.
  • Click ‘apply’ and fill in the form by midnight on the 26 January  (after that we will be accepting people and so some teams will close).

Can I Apply After The Deadline? 

The early application deadline is 30th January at midnight and applicants will then start to be accepted onto teams. Those teams which are full will then close, and many teams will close on that date.

Where spaces are still available, however, some teams may remain open for a short time. All teams will generally be closed by mid February. 

How Does Exodus Decide Who Will Get On The Team?

Exodus seeks to find a way for every applicant to end up on a team. However, often a team will be oversubscribed, an applicant may not be suited to the options they have chosen or all the teams in an area may be oversubscribed.

In this event, team leaders will meet applicants for an informal interview where preference will be give to those who:

  1. Demonstrate that they would benefit most from the chosen course.

  2. Have not previously done a team using that course

  3. Are part of the Exodus DISCIPLES programme.

Applications between groups of friends will be considered in light of the potential impact on the wider team. 

What is Expected of A Team Member? 

All leaders, co-workers, Extend & Ex-press team members are asked to support the Exodus Ethos and Statement of Faith which is available at

We expect all team members including leaders and co-workers to attend weekly team meetings, fully support the team’s fundraising efforts and agree to abide by the Team Lifestyle Agreement which is summarised below: 

Whilst at Exodus events including team meetings, the residential, fundraisers, social nights and the summer placement I will: 

  • Respect those in leadership over me and accept their authority. 
  • Build positive and inclusive relationships with all team members.
  • Endeavour to make a positive contribution to the team and with whom the team has contact. 
  • Refrain from consuming alcohol and illegal drugs. 
  • Refrain from attending nightclubs. 
  • Adopt a modest dress code


How Does Team Finance Work?

Personal Contribution

Each team member must pay a personal contribution which will secure a place on the team. This contribution will be approximately 60% of the full team cost.

A 40% deposit will be due by the end of February. 

The remaining balance will be due by the end of April. .


Team members are also expected to get involved in personal and group fundraising activities with the aim of each team raising approximately 40% of their team cost. 

How Do I Pay for an Exodus Team

Each team member will receive an invoice for the deposit and then the remaining balance which can be paid online.

Where it is not possible to pay online, cash or cheque payments can be sent to Exodus. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Exodus’.

What If I Cannot Pay the Personal Contribution?

A bursary scheme is available for those who may struggle to pay the personal contribution. It will only pay a proportion of the cost (up to a maximum of £150 or 50% (whichever is lower) and will only be granted where a cheaper alternative was not available.

**The deadline for team bursary applications is 13th March**

Click to apply for the Exodus Team Bursary.


Parents and Guardians

We love parental involvement and support in our teams. You can contact your local centre using the form below and to see more on consent forms and safeguarding please click below.



Our trips are all ATOL Protected as Exodus is a ATOL holder.

Package holidays, including accomodation, transport and flights are protected under the ATOL scheme following payment of the applicable deposit. 

Our ATOL reference is 10999 under our trading name Exodus Trust

The named traveller(s) on the ATOL certificate will be protected upon payment of deposit until the end of the trip.

In the event that Exodus Trust ceases trading the named traveller(s) will be entitled to a refund or to complete the trip and return to the U.K.

Instructions on how to make a claim can be found at